Letter of Confirmation

After you confirm that you want Shake, Rattle & Roll to perform at your function, LeAnn will send you two copies of our Letter of Confirmation. The letter states the whens, wheres, etc. This is your letter of confirmation. You sign one copy and return it to us. That is our verification from you that we’ve all agreed to the terms such as date, fee, place, etc. If you have your own forms or contracts it is not a problem, assuming your forms have the same information we have, we’ll be happy to sign your forms.

Promoting your event

*You should have received plenty of publicity “stuff’” when you first inquired about booking Shake, Rattle & Roll, but if you cannot find what you need on our site and need for us to send you something, we will be happy to get what you need. Photos can be downloaded or printed right from this website.

Click here to download photos/images
Click here to download blurbs for promos
Click here for bios on our group
Click here to print a one page info sheet

To help promote your event or generate excitement about the show, feel free to link your website to Shake, Rattle & Roll. Send LeAnn an e-mail including your name and website address.


Shake, Rattle & Roll’s travel expenses are included in their fees. We book all of our own travel several weeks before the show date. LeAnn will send you a final show checklist that outlines Shake, Rattle & Rolls travel plans.

Final Plans

LeAnn will call you before the show to go over the details and make sure that Shake, Rattle & Roll is set to do what you need them to do.

YOUR AUDIENCE IS IN FOR A TREAT!! If you need more information or have a question about your booking, call LeAnn at 903-445-6907.