One Page Info Sheet

The magical music of the 50’s and 60’s is reborn when this all female tribute show group from East Texas take the stage. Winners of the largest Doo Wop contest ever held in Las Vegas, these ladies are popular for their ability to keep the crowd entertained with their vocal harmonies, synchronized moves, hula hooping skills and comedy.

After getting a recording contract with Memory Lane Music West in Las Vegas, their songs “Silhouettes on the Shade” and “In the Still of the Night” began to be heard all across the country on XM satellite radio. They have also been featured in “Texas Highways Magazine” and on Channel 7’s “Proud of East Texas.”

Tavie Spivey, a retired Army Recruiter, said the group actually got started when she was asked to plan the entertainment for an AT&T retiree function. She quickly put together three women to do an old 50’s show. They received so many accolades that she decided to run ads in local newspapers for female singers and that is how Shake, Rattle & Roll began.

“We had only performed a few times when calls started coming in so fast that we literally did not have enough material to do the shows,” said Tavie. “We quickly put in many hours of practice and it has paid off over and over. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun.”

This group of ladies will make you stop, drop and roll with laughter as they take you along with them on the ride of their lives. It’s family fun for everyone from great-grandparents to kids of all ages with Shake, Rattle & Roll’s toe-tapping, twistin’ mix of rock and roll and comedy. So, come to their show, have a seat, relax, and lose yourself in an unforgettable evening of great music and comedy. It’s timeless entertainment for the whole family.